“Sakmė” in Lithuanian means a legend, a mythical story that explains the origins of the world and the natural phenomena. It also depicts human interaction with fantastical creatures, who teach humans about dimensions beyond what is obviously perceived. These creatures can be in various forms: feminine or masculine; lyrical or unrefined; futuristic or primitive; but at the end of the day, they all have the same purpose in common: helping people live their full potential.

Sakme brand is like these creatures and its polarities. On one hand, it stands for the feminine mystique - fragility, sensuality and extreme sensitivity. On the other hand, it expresses masculinity, strength and power. Sakme is fascinated with technology, both when it comes to producing garments and choosing materials, and as a stylistic expression; yet Sakme does not forget the past and the nostalgic vintage silhouettes that have become classics.

Aimed at being educational and intellectual, each collection is made of only one material. This enables one to buy with knowledge and learn how each material is special, and the many purposes of wearing it.

Sakme is a non-seasonal brand that focuses on unique investment pieces that combine romance and vintage silhouettes with distortion and futurism.

We are based in Vilnius Old Town, where all of our collections are designed and sampled. Our production is also local, and we employ only Lithuanian-based artisans and creatives, thereby supporting local businesses and harnessing Baltic arts and culture.